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Sunday Sangha at Shangrila Yoga

A True North Insight Meditation Group

You are invited to come practice Buddhist meditation together at Shangrila Yoga. (111 Mt. Pleasant Ave (Behind Purdy Natural)

This group will be rooted in the tradition of Theravada Buddhism in the True North Insight/ Voie Boréale (TNI) lineage with an openness to other Buddhist traditions.


This monthly drop-in group (1.15 hr.) will be offered by Sarah Kinsley. Sarah has been practicing with True North Insight teachers for over 25 years and has completed True North Insight’s Meditation Teacher Mentorship Program. Each gathering will offer a short dharma teaching, instructions for practice, meditation, and time for reflections.


Every Body welcome! Beginner’s welcome!





















Sunday - 11:15 to 12:30 pm onland!


Jan. 28th        Feb. 25th        Mar. 31st        Apr. 28th        May 26th        Jun. 30th

Jul. 28th         Aug. 11th       Sept. 29th      Oct. 27th        Nov. 17th        Dec. 22nd


Please bring a beginner’s mind and a meditation cushion or bench if you would like. There are Yoga Mats, blankets, bolsters, and a few chairs available.


This group will honour the 2600-year-old tradition of offering dana (Pali: Generosity) to the facilitator and the space. A portion will be donated to the food bank. You are welcome to bring cash or send an e-transfer to

Any donation is welcomed and no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

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